Best Stock Spreadsheet For Excel

This Is My Best Stock Spreadsheet Tracker For Excel I Was Using For Years To Track Dividends, Gains & More!

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For this stock spreadsheet I went beyond simple formulas, I  allow you to see your overview and asset allocation as well! I found this to be the most valuable aspect giving further insights to your investments!

stock spreadsheet excel

For This Stock Spreadsheet With Excel I Added A Few Custom Features You May Enjoy As Well Including A Dividend Tracker!

This part of the spreadsheet will give a month over month & quarter over quarter view of your dividend income. I always keep track of my dividend growth to insure I am on track for my future plans and retirement! 

You will notice at the bottom of the spreadsheet highlighted, pages I have worked on highly focused toward tracking dividend income. This is because I am a cost average long term dividend investor!

stock spreadsheet excel dividends

The Biggest Down Fall To This Stock Spreadsheet For Excel Is The Lack Of Automation.

If your fond of excel this may be the spreadsheet for you but I evolved to some other platforms like google sheets & Icloud numbers offering automated tracking! These cloud based spreadsheets give much more freedom then excel along with phone app access!

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