How I Track My $150,000 dividend Stock Portfolio

As my stock portfolio grows I have had problems tracking it so I found some spreadsheets that have really helped with automation and dividend income!!

I like not only keeping track of stock portfolio but my other passive income so it was important finding the right tracker that was diverse beyond stocks!

By far the best stock portfolio tracker is google sheets as it allows automatic dividend calculation the downside is it only converts well with USD

 Automatically track stock price, dividend payments, dividend yield, yield on cost, total position gains in $ & %, total position dividends. 52-week high, 52-week low, %s off of high & low, PE ratio, Ownership %, shares outstanding also 1yr price target from a collection of analysts.

 This spreadsheet also splits your stock portfolio into pies by sector so you can see value, dividends & accounts making it easier to analyze where you need to diversify.

 You also have the convenience of tracking your portfolio off your phone or pc Anytime! Anywhere! With no chance of losing your data!

 Includes yahoo finance analytics with each of your stocks for further updates!

 US stocks preferred, All other stocks will appear but cause inaccuracies in overview ( For foreign stock tracker use our Icloud version here

The next best stock portfolio tracker I found is with Icloud numbers as it manages other currency stocks much better & can be found here

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