How To Track Stocks With A Spreadsheet

In this spreadsheet tutorial I will show you the automatic set up for tracking stocks!

In order to start tracking stocks you only have to put a few details luckily the spreadsheet does most of the work!

1. Enter the symbol of the stock you wish to track. 

2. Enter the original amount of shares you purchased.

3. Enter shares you have now from drip enrollment, if no drip just enter same shares as originally purchased

4. Enter the price you paid for those shares!

5. Enter sector you stock sits in, be precise with spelling as it will show up on the overview!  

Spreadsheet stock tracker

Now your stocks will be automatically tracked! This spreadsheet shows all the details from dividend income to analyst expectations! 

Spreadsheet stock tracker

Once you have updated your stock tracker spreadsheet it will also appear in the portfolio overview! You can also view your portfolio in pies based on dividends & Value!

stock tracker spreadsheet

This stock tracker spreadsheet was created by the chart masters click here for more

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