Tax Spreadsheet - Track Your Personal Finance & Income

This tax spreadsheet changed the way I track my multiple income sources!

When it comes to tax season I use to be that person that would have to go through every recite, spending hours needlessly!

After getting annoyed tracking a stock portfolio, personal business & other income I realized it was time for a spreadsheet!

The way I track my income with a spreadsheet 

  1. I put every expense from my income on a credit card, I pay off monthly collecting recites along the way! 
  2. I go through my credit card expenses & income once a month, then input the dollar amount in its appropriate section!
  3.  At the end of the year when tax season comes around I can instantly have access to income and expenses!

tax spreadsheet

I also use this spreadsheet to track my year over year growth and goals!

tax spreadsheet for personal finances and goals

If your looking for a tax spreadsheet click here mine does this and so much more 

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