The Best Stock & Dividend Tracking Spreadsheet

This Is An Automated Stock, Dividend & Portfolio Tracking Spreadsheet!

We built it so you don't have to, minimal input required & you can get this spreadsheet here

Why is this the best stock tracking spreadsheet? Simple we offer over 100 data points all automatically gathered from yahoo finance, built around your portfolio and includes.

 Automatically track stock price

 Dividend payments, dividend yield, yield on cost

 Total position gains in $ & %, total position dividends

 52-week high, 52-week low, %s off of high & low, PE ratio,

 Your Ownership %, shares outstanding

1yr price target from a collection of analysts.

 You also have the convenience of tracking your portfolio off your phone or pc Anytime! Anywhere! With no chance of losing your data!

 Includes yahoo finance analytics with each of your stocks for further updates!

 US stocks preferred, All other stocks will appear but cause inaccuracies in overview

Our Google spreadsheet also splits your stock portfolio into pies by sector so you can see value, dividends & accounts making it easier to analyze where you need to diversify.

best stock and dividend tracking spread sheet

The hardest part of the this spreadsheet was automating dividend income as most platforms have a hard time with payout dates!

Luckily with google sheets it really solves this problems as all our other portfolio trackers require manual dividend payments inputted! The only down fall is this tracker primarily only works with US stocks so you may find some errors inputting foreign stocks.

dividend tracking spreadsheet

This even includes some long term data points so you can monitor your long term goals. Plus with it being on the cloud you never really have to worry about it dis appearing if your lap top fries. 

dividend tracking spreadsheet

If you have further questions you contact us threw where we offer a variety of portfolio tracking spreadsheets in case this one didn't interest you!


  • i just need a spread sheet

    gordon lorenson
  • i just want to know how to be able to also track my canadian stocks through the icloud dividend tracker


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