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Our Top 3 Stock Portfolio Trackers

Are looking to trade or invest in stocks, it is important to have the best stock portfolio tracker to help you manage your portfolio & dividend income!

Every portfolio tracker comes with its positive and negatives so here are 3 trackers utilizing different platforms so you figure out what best works for you!

1. Google sheets stock portfolio tracker

google sheets stock portfolio tracker


Automatically track stock price

Displays dividend income

Sector allocation in pie charts

Has yahoo finance built in


Only Fluent With USD

Only Usable with google



2. Icloud Numbers stock portfolio tracker 

stock portfolio tracker


Automatically track stock price

 Sector allocation in pie charts

Multiple currency built in EUR, CAD 

Easy mobile access with Icloud+


Manually Input Dividends

Only Usable with Icloud



3. Excel stock portfolio tracker

stock portfolio tracker


Sector allocation in pies

Multiple currency friendly

Easy to use inputs with Excel


All manually inputted

Only usable on Excel



These are the top stock portfolio trackers offered by there cheap and the work has been down so you don't have to happy investing!

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